EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Saquon Barkley's impending signing with the Philadelphia Eagles doesn't seem to be going over well in New York.

Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber expressed his displeasure with Barkley on his daily WFAN radio show.

"He's dead to us now. He's dead to us. You're dead to us, Saquon," Barber said with a smile and chuckle upon learning the news during the "Evan and Tiki" show. "Good luck. You're dead to me."

Barkley responded to the clip on X and took aim at Barber, who told ESPN that the comment was made tongue-in-cheek. The future Eagles running back didn't take it that way.

Barkley reposted the video with the comment: "lol yup you're the prime example of loyalty to a team.. I got the deal I wanted, secured more gm which wasn't given to me before... so if fans are gonna hate me for that so be it! But I never turned my back on my teammates and always had theirs"

He then wrote in a follow-up post: "@TikiBarber you been a hater since I got to New York ... and all the "Dead to me" talk don't smile in my face when you see me"

Barber played his entire 10-year career from 1997 to 2006 with the Giants. The Eagles-Giants rivalry during that time was strong, leaving Barber with strong feelings about the team and city 90 miles south.

This recent drama between the new Eagles running back and the retired Giants running back will only spice up a rivalry that has been stale in recent years. The Giants beat the Eagles in this past season's finale for their first win over Philadelphia in six games.

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Barber and Barkley both had their moments with the Giants, although neither won a championship. Barber, who is the Giants' all-time leading rusher, retired the season before they won their third Super Bowl in franchise history.

Barkley leaves New York fourth on the franchise's all-time rushing list but with just one playoff win on his résumé.

Barkley, 27, agreed to a massive new deal with the rival Eagles after six seasons with the Giants. He received three years and $37.5 million with $26 million fully guaranteed at signing, sources told ESPN.

It's not as if Barkley doesn't have a connection to Philadelphia. The move actually sends him home, even if he grew up a New York Jets fan.

Barkley grew up in the Lehigh Valley, an hour and change from Philadelphia.