Tommy DeVito and his agent apparently have run afoul of a New Jersey pizzeria, which says it canceled an event featuring the New York Giants quarterback because he doubled his appearance fee.

Coniglio's Old Fashioned pizzeria announced on social media that it would no longer be hosting DeVito on Tuesday after the restaurant "received word from his agent that his appearance fee would be doubling" from $10,000 to $20,000.

According to an Instagram post by Coniglio's, agent Sean Stellato raised the appearance fee after DeVito led the Giants to a comeback victory over the Packers on "Monday Night Football." The Morristown, New Jersey-based restaurant posted the cancellation Sunday after DeVito struggled in the Giants' 24-6 loss to the Saints.

Stellato told sports business reporter Darren Rovell that it is "a shame that the restaurant promoted that they would have Tommy when we didn't have a signed contract. We didn't raise the price, because nothing was ever agreed to."

But Nino Coniglio, the pizzeria's owner, responded to Rovell: "We agreed in principle to terms -- two hours, 250 autographs and $10,000, and then the agent couldn't be reached. He reached back out after Monday's game to tell us the price was now $20,000."

Coniglio also sent a screenshot of a text message exchange with Stellato, posted to social media by Rovell, that purportedly confirms the original agreement to the $10,000 fee.

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DeVito and Stellato have basked in newfound fame amid the undrafted rookie's success as the Giants' unlikely starting quarterback. DeVito, who began the season on the practice squad, helped revive the Giants' faint playoff hopes by leading them to a three-game winning streak punctuated by his game-winning drive on Dec. 11 against the Packers.

DeVito has become an overnight sensation as Giants teammates and fans have embraced the celebration of his Italian heritage, highlighted by his now-signature hand gesture with pinched fingers in the air. The Saints had some fun with DeVito, however, by mocking the hand gesture after sacking him during Sunday's lopsided loss.

Coniglio's added to DeVito's rough day hours later.

"Sorry about that loss today #nygiants fans- but we're Italian too & don't like when someone says one thing & does another," the pizzeria said.

Despite his struggles in New Orleans, DeVito will remain the starting quarterback when the Giants (5-9) visit the rival Eagles (10-4) on Christmas Day.