Only eight teams remain in the NFL playoffs and the divisional round means it could be the last of some popular uniforms.

The Baltimore Ravens will wear purple jerseys with black pants and the San Francisco 49ers have a classic combination as both teams return from the bye week. The Detroit Lions are going all blue for the second week in a row, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will don white uniforms. The Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills will cap off the weekend with white and blue jerseys, respectively.

Here are the divisional round uniforms for every NFL team:

Baltimore Ravens

Helmet: Black

Jersey: Purple

Pants: Black

Buffalo Bills

Helmet: White

Jersey: Blue

Pants: White

Detroit Lions

Helmet: Silver

Jersey: Honolulu blue

Pants: Honolulu blue

Green Bay Packers

Helmet: Gold

Jersey: White

Pants: Gold

Houston Texans

Helmet: Deep steel blue

Jersey: Liberty white

Pants: Deep steel blue

Kansas City Chiefs

Helmet: Red

Jersey: White

Pants: Red

San Francisco 49ers

Helmet: Gold

Jersey: Red

Pants: Gold

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Helmet: Pewter

Jersey: White

Pants: Pewter